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Post  Pinkiikittii on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:59 am

::::::A B O U T * S T I C K A M::::::

I know you all are very busy training, hunting, vending, or wasting time in-game. That is perfectly fine. Since we are all busy with our own luna lives, it is hard to have the time to discuss about upcoming guild events or anything else we need to talk about. Sometimes, us officers would like to have the opinion of the entire guild before we make a certain drastic decision. Whatever the topics may be, I would be nice if all of you participate our monthly guild meetings.

::::::I N F O R M O R M A T I O N::::::

Group Chat Name: IPerfectionistI [As it appears here]
Password: Eclipse [This is mandatory upon entering]
Date: [will always be announced] Once a month/if there are urgent or new topics to be discussed, we will hold extra meeting dates.
Time: [will always be announced]

::::::H O W * T O::::::

1. Go to
2. On top right-hand corner, click join in blue.
3. Register your information

--Connecting to Chatroom--

1. On top left-hand corner, hover your mouse over Group Chat, then click on chat room
2. Browse through all the chatrooms until you find IPerfectionistI
3. Click ENTER
4. When you are prompted to enter a password, type in eclipse, then press enter
5. It might take you awhile to connecting, but please be patient
6. If there are any problems, do feel free to ask any of the officers for help in-game, or send them a message through this forum

::::::F A Q::::::

+ I am having problems connecting to the chat, what can I do?
-Try entering the password again to make sure it is correct, make sure it is not your connection problems, check that you are in the correct chatroom, or if any of these do not work, contact your officers.

+When I go to the guild meeting, do I have to turn my webcam on?
-No, members prefer to turn their cameras on to interact easier, or either get to know each other better.

+When I go to the guild meeting, do I have to turn my speaker on?
-No, members prefer to turn their speakers on because some believe it is much easier than typing. Your speakers will not be on unless you turn your webcam on. Although, you have an option of putting yourself on mute, even though your camera is on.

+Can I just type my opinions and chat like in a normal chatroom without any pictures or sounds?
-Yes, it is like a normal chatroom, you do not have to turn anything on.

+If I feel harassed by any members what do I do?
-You can PM one of the officers in the chatroom and inform them. Most likely, those people will be kicked.

+What if I feel uncomfortable in this type of chatroom?
-The officers try their best to make this chatroom safe and friendly for everyone. The guild is considered to be a family. Any sexual, perverted, violent, or inappropriate acts will cause the person to be kicked and banned from the chatroom.

+Can the chatroom be used for fun instead of as a meeting?
-We would like for all the members to have fun while attending meetings. On the other hand, if there are no guild topics to discuss, we will notify everyone of a date that the chatroom will be opened for pure fun.

+Can random people join the chatroom?
-Yes, but under certain conditions. People inside the guild have automatic admittance. People who play Luna Online but are not in the guild are allowed, ONLY if they are granted permission by the officers. If you would like to invite a friend from outside of the game, feel free. Although you MUST notify an officer prior to their acceptance. Keep in mind that they must be appropriate and follow the rules or else they will be banned.

For any other questions, please contact your moderators/officers

The reason I haven't been on the forum for the past 2 days is because I forgot my password. =-='' pretty ridiculous i know.

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